About Animal Control Emergency Services, LLC..

We specialize in humane wildlife removal, using the most innovative techniques to get wildlife out of your home and to KEEP THEM OUT!

We use live trapping, one way doors, repellents and hands-on removal, to safely rid your home and properties of unwanted wildlife and protect it from further intrusion.

We deal with all forms of wildlife including beavers, bats, bees, birds, Moles, raccoons, rats, snakes, squirrels, skunks, foxes and coyotes...all these species and more!

Our technicians are members of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association and stay current with all procedures and laws regarding wildlife and bee removal.

We are not a pest control company, but we do provide services that take care of your nuisance animals & bees! We are highly recommended by leading Pest Control services in Tennessee, as well as Home Inspectors, Property Management Companies and local Realtors. We are dedicated to solve your Nuisance Animal & Bee Problems.

All animals are dealt with humanely. We also do repairs of animal damage, chimney and vent screens, as well as animal exclusion to prevent further damage and entry to your home or property.